This is Happy Hour. I will not be offering free drinks in order to get you to start imbibing much earlier in the day than what is considered respectable. My focus is anything and everything that is REAL in life, leadership and the pursuit of good food & drink – the goal is make all of us happy for that one minute or one hour once a week on my blog.
Native Brooklynite and lifer in the restaurant/hotel/hospitality business, I am fortunate to have worked at some of the most exciting ventures ( I was Corporate Director of Hotel F&B for a publicly traded company; a change in situation within the company meant my position would no longer be NY based forcing me to join the travel team; on the road internationally for up to 6 weeks at a time. Already asking so much of my family with the treacherous hours and overall commitment to my work…this would be too much so I resigned. Scary? Yes! but not for reasons of a paycheck…I knew it was time to take everything this amazing industry has given me and leverage it…so here I am living the dream…on the journey from employment to proprietor…

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