I have been told many times, “You are so lucky!”

The truth is…I am!

To “practice what I preach” as a business consultant, I don’t wish for things – I work for them. This may sound like a cliché but it is the truth. When I say working, I don’t mean sitting at my desk pulling an all-nighter or staying on property until the Bar restaurant closes every night; I mean, I listen to my intuition. There have been so many times when I thought to myself, “I’m not going to say anything, ‘so and so’ knows what they are doing.” In truth, sometimes, the most talented and experienced people do not know what they were doing…eventually I began speaking up and guess what happened…my voice was heard and I gained respect and I got the promotion!

I believe I am lucky because I am optimistic…I know I can accomplish things. When the odds are against me and/or my team…my positivity pushes me forward and ultimately I have won the concession; usually as I am bidding against companies 100 times bigger than KC Consulting. Is that luck? No, sir!

In this study conducted by Richard Wiseman, he proved luck is changed when the subject learns how to be optimistic, listen to their gut and put themselves out there more often. These three qualities, however, will not make you any more lucky; Richard asserts that luck does not exist in a vacuum, like a balloon floating along waiting for a power line to run into. In order for things to truly work out it takes luck and luck takes an investment in personal growth. After you’ve done some soul searching then make your way to your neighborhood bar and try your luck betting on the next baseball game!

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