In the book The Celestine Prophecy (going back to my self-help phase my girlfriends rescued me from years ago), the authors write about everyone having intuition you just have to learn to listen to it.  When I read this is hit me like a hammer…there have been so many times in my career that I felt something in my gut but didn’t share it – thinking, “If I know that everyone probably knows it too.”  Not true…you have to trust your instinct…it comes from a place that doesn’t explain the where and the why – just the what.  Once you do that the next lesson is learning to seize the CORRECT moment share what your sixth sense.  The opportunity to reveal your thoughts are lost in the blink of an eye – HOWEVER I don’t suggest you interrupt your CEO’s presentation to discuss it; but do believe the CEO, your supervisor, your significant other, friend etc. need to hear what you have to say.   It may be a game changer – YOU can have the answer that puts your work, project, company, job or relationship on the right path.  Have confidence in your gut; those feelings come through for a reason.

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