Health Department walks in, and you are not ready. Confidently, you do the walk through and one by one the inspector finds violation after violation.

Next thing you know you are over 13 points and in danger of losing that precious A grade in your window. Departments of Consumer Affairs give you a summons for you’re a-frame board you have advertising your Brunch special and Happy hour promotion.  What do you do?  

Department of Buildings walks in and demands your C of O, PA and originally DOB stamps plans…who do you call?  KC Hospitality Consulting!  In a crisis we have a proven record of cleaning up, turning around and getting you in compliance with all city agencies.  

If you don’t have a crisis plan for your restaurant you need one ASAP!  

With the relentless flow of information on Social Media you cannot afford to mishandle a mouse running through the dining room, guests falling down the steps or a cockroach in someone’s salad.  

KC Consulting will:

  • review your current employee handbook & SOP’s,
  • assess current risks the restaurant is facing,
  • and write an action plan with next steps for improvement and reduce your risk.  

We have experienced food safety experts, crisis PR agency & a labor attorney to hold full or half day sessions with your team to go over the plan and role play so they feel comfortable in how to use them in real life situations.