1. Luck

    I have been told many times, “You are so lucky!” The truth is…I am! To “practice what I preach” as a business consultant, I don’t wish for things - I work for them. This may sound like a cliché but it is the truth. When I say working, I don’t mean sitting at my desk pulling an all-nighter or staying on property until the Bar restaurant closes every night; I mean, I listen to my intu…Read More

  2. Is It Still Important To Dress To Impress?

    The answer is a big fat YES! As a business consultant, it is up to me to make sure I am properly dressed for the occasion.  I don't have an office 'dress code', I have to dress the part everyday.  My rule of thumb is anything in a boardroom calls for more formal business attire (conservative dress, business suit, slacks with French cuffs etc); anything in a venue (venue refers to my clients hote…Read More

  3. Is it okay to be – just ‘okay?’

    I have used the term, the ‘ninja mentality’ with my teams over the years.  What this means to me is the time in your career when you know all of the ‘moves’.  For example, I can work any position in a restaurant, (except a cook although I do make a mean banana muffin) I can manage any type of service orientated business, I can set up on office, service station or storage room…those tac…Read More

  4. quotes create my change

    I have really never been into motivational speaking (although I did go through a self-help book phase – I drove my friends crazy until one of them bought me a novel and saved me from it); I just didn’t think I needed it. It’s kind of like yoga… when I was younger and doing martial arts and running, to me yoga was for people who were naturally skinny, and just want to be able to say they …Read More

  5. Admitting I Don’t Know

    “I don’t know.” Seems easy enough to say, but I can’t tell you how long it took me to learn how to own up and say those three words. When young in your career, I can understand not wanting to admit that you are not familiar with something. Not knowing means I’m not qualified. The big test is how you handle the moment when someone asks you a question and you honestly cannot think of the a…Read More

  6. this is happy hour

    This is Happy Hour. I will not be offering free drinks in order to get you to start imbibing much earlier in the day than what is considered respectable. My focus is anything and everything that is REAL in life, leadership and the pursuit of good food & drink – the goal is make all of us happy for that one minute or one hour once a week on my blog. Native Brooklynite and lifer in the restaur…Read More