1. Never Doubt Your Instinct

    In the book The Celestine Prophecy (going back to my self-help phase my girlfriends rescued me from years ago), the authors write about everyone having intuition you just have to learn to listen to it.  When I read this is hit me like a hammer…there have been so many times in my career that I felt something in my gut but didn't share it - thinking, "If I know that everyone probably knows it too…Read More

  2. Restaurant Icons & Masters

    Long lasting contributions to a specific trade don’t happen every day.  Think of Sigmund Freud’s analysis of dreams, or J. Presper Eckert & John Mauchly’s engineering of the first computer...creating something long lasting comes along so rarely. When these innovative inventions are introduced some may not be able to see that they are setting the stage for which many will be inspired and…Read More