1. Restaurant Icons & Masters

    Long lasting contributions to a specific trade don’t happen every day.  Think of Sigmund Freud’s analysis of dreams, or J. Presper Eckert & John Mauchly’s engineering of the first computer...creating something long lasting comes along so rarely. When these innovative inventions are introduced some may not be able to see that they are setting the stage for which many will be inspired and…Read More

  2. How is Your Time Management?

    I have always thought of myself as one of the hardest workers I know. No doubt my commitment and drive were at the core of this, but was I working harder than I needed to? Time management has been a lifelong journey for me; My biggest enemy, believe it or not is...email. If you send me a message, I'll get back to you in a flash...I wore that like a badge! I even held it as a standard for my teams …Read More

  3. quotes create my change

    I have really never been into motivational speaking (although I did go through a self-help book phase – I drove my friends crazy until one of them bought me a novel and saved me from it); I just didn’t think I needed it. It’s kind of like yoga… when I was younger and doing martial arts and running, to me yoga was for people who were naturally skinny, and just want to be able to say they …Read More

  4. Admitting I Don’t Know

    “I don’t know.” Seems easy enough to say, but I can’t tell you how long it took me to learn how to own up and say those three words. When young in your career, I can understand not wanting to admit that you are not familiar with something. Not knowing means I’m not qualified. The big test is how you handle the moment when someone asks you a question and you honestly cannot think of the a…Read More

  5. this is happy hour

    This is Happy Hour. I will not be offering free drinks in order to get you to start imbibing much earlier in the day than what is considered respectable. My focus is anything and everything that is REAL in life, leadership and the pursuit of good food & drink – the goal is make all of us happy for that one minute or one hour once a week on my blog. Native Brooklynite and lifer in the restaur…Read More