1. Never Doubt Your Instinct

    In the book The Celestine Prophecy (going back to my self-help phase my girlfriends rescued me from years ago), the authors write about everyone having intuition you just have to learn to listen to it.  When I read this is hit me like a hammer…there have been so many times in my career that I felt something in my gut but didn't share it - thinking, "If I know that everyone probably knows it too…Read More

  2. Luck

    I have been told many times, “You are so lucky!” The truth is…I am! To “practice what I preach” as a business consultant, I don’t wish for things - I work for them. This may sound like a cliché but it is the truth. When I say working, I don’t mean sitting at my desk pulling an all-nighter or staying on property until the Bar restaurant closes every night; I mean, I listen to my intu…Read More

  3. Change Is Constant

    Change is scary. I am constantly talking about the changes I went through when I started my business; that was an internal shift, and as a business consultant, I had to convince the world that this change was meant to happen and I was here to make a difference in people’s lives. After reading Leadership Success: The Real Challenges of Making Change, I found that it really reflected the challenge…Read More

  4. Beginnings

    It seems obvious, but when you start a company – it really just starts with an idea or concept, then some money, a plan…and you.  Just you!  The hardest part of starting KC Consulting has been getting everything that was in my head out.  How do I get the word out about my company?  How do I set myself and my experience apart from my competitors?  Where do I source my clients? One Door Clo…Read More

  5. Is It Still Important To Dress To Impress?

    The answer is a big fat YES! As a business consultant, it is up to me to make sure I am properly dressed for the occasion.  I don't have an office 'dress code', I have to dress the part everyday.  My rule of thumb is anything in a boardroom calls for more formal business attire (conservative dress, business suit, slacks with French cuffs etc); anything in a venue (venue refers to my clients hote…Read More

  6. Is it okay to be – just ‘okay?’

    I have used the term, the ‘ninja mentality’ with my teams over the years.  What this means to me is the time in your career when you know all of the ‘moves’.  For example, I can work any position in a restaurant, (except a cook although I do make a mean banana muffin) I can manage any type of service orientated business, I can set up on office, service station or storage room…those tac…Read More

  7. Chasing Happiness

    We humans are a strange collection of emotions, insecurity and self doubt. Most of us are in a state of suspended animation. Floating through life on a raft we have built with all of our relationships and responsibilities. Happiness for some, means staying within the safety of the raft; others dive headfirst into the churning deep. Some surface, others go down in the waves. Just what is happiness …Read More

  8. Fighting Fire With Training

    You may find yourself putting out flames at work, but you can take solace in knowing that certain business moves you use are standard practice for firefighters… In this article published on Inc, Josh Linkner discusses powerful strategies we can borrow from firefighters. These tactics pay off in both a world ablaze, and the world of business. Linkner’s interviewee - Chris Poisella, ex-departmen…Read More